Our Approach

Personal Discovery

  • A client engages Centricity Financial in a meaningful conversation regarding financial matters, personal preferences and life goals
  • Assess a client’s willingness and ability to tolerate risk
  • Determine the return required to meet objectives
  • Review a client’s total financial holdings to discover and address risks that may not be readily apparent
  • Ascertain the time horizon for achieving investment objectives

Asset Allocation

  • Asset Classes: cash, bonds, stocks, commodities, real estate, etc.
  • Acknowledge “asset allocation” as a key driver of portfolio returns
  • Define an asset allocation strategy that meets a client’s return expectations and is consistent with historical asset class performance
  • Endeavor to mitigate risk relative to return objective
  • Establish an investment policy statement
  • Adjust asset allocation as a client’s situation or asset class valuations dictate

Dynamic, Opportunistic Investment Implementation

  • Elect investments consistent with the asset allocation decision
  • Target securities believed to offer attractive risk / reward characteristics
  • Rebalance the portfolio to remain consistent with the asset allocation strategy

Portfolio Monitoring & Performance Reporting

  • Monitor changing fundamentals that impact security specific and asset class valuations
  • Provide quarterly reporting on the portfolio’s performance
  • Maintain an ongoing dialogue, placing a client’s needs at the center of this cycle